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This is the current state of our network. We're still trying to get the first few links in place.

The Diagram to the right represents where we are more or less currently. There is a link up between KF2HP and K7EK that operates at 1200 baud on 2 meters. We're working on getting another link up from K7EK to K4WDC via 70cm at hopefully 9600 baud also and then in the near future a link from either K4WDC or K7EK to N3XKD in south western Louisville.

Today these links are being made via NinoTNCs and re-purposed commercial radio gear Motorola and Kenwood sets. We have a stock of some Kenwood 70cm gear ~10-12 radios and other various bits and bobs. As we continue to grow the network we're willing to use gear that is in the common pool to help folks get onto the network.

The main hub at each QTH is comprised of a Raspberry Pi or other Single Board Computer to handle the TNC connection and the connection back into the shack via IP.



Currently we're building out the network with NinoTNCs and Raspi's on the digital side as per the TARPN standards. We also have a stock of 440Mhz Kenwood radios to use for links. But we are not limiting ourselves to 440, if there is something that works better or is more appropriate, then we will use it. If there are situations where we have good line of sight, then there's no reason not to establish a link using a pair of ARDEN units as an example.

Bands and Frequencies for TARPN Usage

This list is based on what the recommendations that are listed in the SERA homepage

  • 70 Centimeters should be preferred if a stable link can be made with it due to plentiful bandwidth and cheap existing gear.

2 Meters

  • Note on 2 meters, This may be crowded with existing data, be cautious about utilizing frequencies that are commonly traditional packet. (145.030 145.050 145.070 145.090)

144.910 144.930 144.950 144.970 144.990 145.030 145.050
145.070 145.090 145.510 145.530 145.550 145.570 145.590
145.610 145.630 145.650 145.670 145.690 145.710 145.730
145.750 145.770 145.790

1.25 Meters

223.660 223.680 223.700 223.720 223.740 223.760 223.780

70 Centimeters

440.9125 440.9250 440.9375 440.9500 440.9625 440.9750
440.9875 441.0125 441.0250 441.0375 441.0500 441.0625
441.0750 441.0875 441.1000 441.1125 441.1250 441.1375
441.1500 441.1625 441.1750