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The Kentuckiana Digital Experimenters Group

Mission Statement

We focus on Data Communication using Ham frequencies for local emergency communication purposes with a focus but not limited to VHF/UHF, as well as for fun in learning, sharing ideas, installing and operating the equipment and fellowship.

The primary goal of this group is to deploy a "high speed" packet radio network within Kentucky. We're not limiting ourselves to any one band or technology to do so. We are planning to start building this network with a TARPN style packet network in the Northern Hardin County area but hope that it will spread much beyond this area.

Who we are

A group of radio amateurs with diverse backgrounds looking for exciting opportunities to further ham radio digital data in the region in and around but not limited to Northern Kentucky



TARPN - Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network - Home of the NinoTNC Hardware and a new perspective on traditional Packet Networks

Mobilinkd - A 9600 baud capable Packet TNC with M17 support

VARA - High speed software modem for HF and VHF written by a Spanish HAM EA5HVK (~8.5Kbps possible in HF Bands, and ~25Kbps possible in VHF)

NPR - New Packet Radio - An open hardware design from French HAM F4HDK (100khz wide 50Kbaud, 65Kbps usable Bandwidth)


AREDN - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network - Auto-configuring low touch mesh solution

HAMWAN - A completely engineered Radio Amateur Ghz network standard originally deployed out of Seattle, Wa and the surrounding area

Part 15 - Not strictly Ham Radio, but provides the freedom to provide encryption services. Can largely be provided through similar technical means to either AREDN or HAMWAN so long at all Part 15 rules are followed.

Our Network


Typical Station

Other Organizations

ARDC - Amateur Radio Digital Communications - Home of and the 44/8 block of Amateur Radio IP Space

NCPacket - North Carolina Packet Group Home of TARPN

Zero Retries - A good newsletter that covers digital data in amateur radio

Ohio Packet - Our neighbors to the northeast, covering mainly central and eastern Ohio


Southeastern Repeater Association - This is a great resource for frequency co-ordination for anyone who is unaware. This is the body that co-ordinates repeater frequency pairs to prevent folks from conflicting with each other in a large part of the Southeastern US

FCC Part 97 - Part 97 governing the Amateur service

Repeater Builder - Very deceptive name, Lots of information about commercial radios and conversions to amateur use as well as repeater information.


Please Reach out to for interest in this project or check us out on facebook